1. GDP Growth will stop almost everywhere. What chance does Japan or South Korea stand if the average age is 53 years old in 2050? The average age of China in 2050 is 46 years years old, with 350 million people over 65 years old. What do we do then with GDP growth? Shrink? Ouch.  
  2. Immigration is key, preferably university educated. For that reason, the USA and the UK will be fine. The UK will overtake Germany as the largest European country, and be almost 10 years younger by average.  The USA will grow the  population 28%, and be the youngest country in the Western world. When I showed up  two years ago to swear my allegiance to the USA in San Jose at  2pm, there were 500 people also swearing allegiance. We went out, and another 500 came in. Once an hour!
  3. China.  The average age in going up alarming - from 35 years old  in 2010 to 46 years old in 2050.
  4. Many of the new births in Africa don't have an education. Europe, South America and Asian  do have Schools and Universities, but they are shrinking. Big problem.