Was it reproductive rights?

I am in favor of "reproductive rights". It is a good thing that a sizeable percentage of women don't have to go through live fearing pregnancy.  As a father who has got 5 daughters it is a relief. It is wonderful!

But, 'reproductive rights' have changes a lot of things, not all beneficial.

It's the ying/yang thing. My example, I am (sort-off) retired. I get up later than I did when I was working at Intel. It is 9.00 am  when I finally figure out what to do! At Intel, I have figured it out a month before. Ying/yang. 

Another example: Immigration is the key to American competing economically. When the immigrants come to the United States, they work really hard. Many years later, their successful grand children don't work as hard. Ying and yang. I will research that.

Reproductive  rights have changes things. Nowadays, people don't have as many children as we did 100 yeas ago. Why is that? The birth control pill allows women to  'seized control of their family life, and sexual behavior, which changed the way that women and relationships were viewed.'  

 I went back to wiki. How many women are on The birth control pill?  Interestingly, that number is only 100 million women per year. I thought it was 5 times that!  Confused, I looked at condoms.

Condoms are used now far more frequently. Worldwide use is  5 billion a year.

And abortions. During 2010–2014, an estimated 56 million abortions occurred each year worldwide. 

Medical progress after the second world war has been made in each of the areas for 'reproductive rights'.

1)  Pincus's birth control pill changed family life, because it allowed couples to do as they please without having to worry about having more children.

2) Condoms are used far more frequently now. Doctor recommend them to prevent AIDS. Every latex condom is tested for holes with an electric current. If the condom passes, it is rolled and packaged! All would be unthinkable 40 years ago. 

3) Abortion is the 21 Century is one of the safest procedures in medicine.  Modern methods (post 1960s) use medication or surgery for abortions.

Medical progress is remarkble. By 'Humanity' 50 years on thinks differently than before. Result: Far, far fewer births.