Day 20 - 25: Sharp Rehabilitation Center

It's been a week since Sean's tumble. He's moved onto the Recovery Center and is undergoing physical therapy. He can now move around on his wheelchair, and a few steps on the walker. While he won't be flying out tomorrow, the doctor says he'll be good to go in a few days.

Miles: 20 steps 
Elevation: a few floors up to the cafeteria

Day 17 - 19: Sharp Memorial Hospital

Sean is well on his recovery. After having surgery, he was able to stand up and get himself onto a wheelchair. It will be the two-wheel vehicle of choice for now, but he'll be back on his feet in no time.

Miles: 2 steps 
Elevation: a few floors down to the patio

Day 15 - 16: Boulevard to San Diego

On Easter Sunday, Sean set off from Boulevard, California heading east. Not far from the starting point, the road was rough and had a steep decline. He suffered from a severe tumble and had to be airlifted to San Diego. Dave and Don resumed the ride once Sean was stable.

Miles: 0 Elevation: 0

Day 14: San Diego to Boulevard

The team faced their toughest climb yet. 7200 ft of elevation was to be had on the way east of San Diego, it was the first leg where they were finally heading away from the Ocean.

Miles: 75 Elevation: 7200


Day 11 - 13: Los Angeles to San Diego

Just like that, the trip heading south is finished. After reaching San Diego, Sean and Dave will now head east. This leg also held the first two events for Sean: AHA's National Walking Day in LA, and kicking off World Health Month at Qualcomm.

Miles: 104 Elevation: 3584

Day 7 - 10: Buellton to Los Angeles

There was an outpour of local support as Sean rode into LA - including Stan Steinberg, founder of Cedars Sinai's heart foundation, and young, up and coming chef Gordon RamsayHere he also takes us on a tour of the USS Iowa Museum located right in San Pedro.

Miles: 172 Elevation: 3375

Day 6: San Luis Obispo to Buellton

With two days to go before the next city stop, the roads are getting too familliar and the number of riders are wearing thin. Luckily, enough, the team caught up with over 15 local riders who guided them through some scenic rides.

Miles: 69 Elevation: 2410

Day 5: Ragged Point to San Luis Obispo

They're already halfway to LA? That's right. The team is now at San Luis Obispo, one of California's oldest communities. Take out those notebooks, because it's time for a quick history lesson!

Miles: 59 Elevation: 2259

Day 4: Rest day in Ragged Point

A rest day? Not in Sean's books. He took the time today to go down to historic Hearst castle, the inspiration for Orson Welles's Citizen Kane. At this rate, he'll be rested up to take on the next day in no time.

Miles: 0 Elevation: 0

Day 3: Carmel to Ragged Point

There's no rest for the weary. While it's not the highest elevation of the journey, the team climbed over 7,000 ft along Big Sur. They rode along Bixby bridge, one of the most controversial bridges aesthetically. Whether you think it's beautiful or not, it was functional enough to get the team to Ragged Point. Was it worth it? For the views - absolutely.

Miles: 74 Elevation: 7,140

Day 1 & 2: Palo Alto to Carmel

The kickoff was a phenomenal success. Over 800 people joined Sean at the kickoff between Intel, City Hall and HP. The team then went for a rigorous climb through the winding roads of Skyline, Old La Honda and Pescadero. The day ended in Davenport, but it wasn't long before they had to go right back onto Highway 1. The day could not have gone quicker as they ended their day in scenic Carmel.

Miles: 118 Elevation: 10,115