Ride With Sean

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The Schedule

The ride's schedule is as listed below. The bolded days are available for sign-up, and italicized days have already passed. Sign-ups will be opened on a rolling basis and will open two weeks before the riding day. For more comprehensive information, click here (updated 03/11/2015)

March 22 - Palo Alto to Davenport
March 23 - Davenport to Carmel
March 24 - Carmel to Ragged Point

March 26 - Ragged Point to San Luis Obispo
March 27 - San Luis Obispo to Buelton
March 28 - Buelton to Ventura
March 29 - Ventura to Los Angeles
April 1 - Los Angeles to San Clemente
April 2 - San Clemente to San Diego
April 4 - San Diego to Boulevard
April 5 - Boulevard to Brawley
April 6 - Brawley to Blythe
April 7 - Blythe to Wickenburg
April 8 - Wickenburg to Phoenix

April 10 - Phoenix to Globe
April 11 - Globe to Show Low
April 13 - Show Low to Quemado
April 14 - Quemado to Grants
April 15 - Grants to Albuquerque

April 17 - Albuquerque to Moriarty
April 18 - Moriarty to Santa Rosa


April 19 - Santa Rosa to Clovis
April 20 - Clovis to Plainview
April 22 - Plainview to Matador
April 23 - Matador to Seymour
April 24 - Seymour to Jacksboro
April 25 - Jacksboro to Dallas
April 28 - Dallas to Waco
April 29 - Waco to Austin
May 2 - Austin to Giddings
May 3 - Giddings to Houston
May 5 - Houston to Silsbee

May 6 - Silsbee to Deridder
May 8 - Deridder to Alexandria
May 9 - Alexandria to Natchez
May 11 - Natchez to Clinton
May 12 - Clinton to Kosciusko
May 13 - Kosciusko to Houston
May 14 - Houston to Belmont

May 16 - Belmont to Waynesboro
May 17 - Waynesboro to Spring Hill

May 18 - Spring Hill to Nashville
May 21 - Nashville to Russellville
May 22 - Russellville to Owensboro
May 23 - Owensboro to Washington
May 24 - Washington to Brazil
May 25 - Brazil to Attica
May 26 - Attica to Chicago
May 29 - Chicago to La Porte
May 30 - La Porte to Hamilton
May 31 - Hamilton to Perrysburg
June 2 - Perrysburg to Oberlin
June 3 - Oberlin to Ravenna

June 4 - Ravenna to Pittsburgh
June 6 - Pittsburgh to Connellsville
June 7 - Connersville to Frostburg
June 8 - Frostburg to Clear Spring
June 9 - Clear Spring to Lancaster
June 11 - Lancaster to Trenton
June 12 - Trenton to Ridgefield Park
June 14 - Ridgefield Park to New York City

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sean Riding?
Sean is riding approximately 5,000 miles all across the U.S. For the exact route, please click here

Who will be riding with Sean
People from all across the U.S. are joining Sean! From stroke survivors to company executives to cycling clubs there will be a variety of riders coming out to support the cause. We’d love to hear from you if your cycling club knows a great route through your city! Send us an email at admin@heartacrossamerica.org

I’ve only done a couple of rides before. Can I still come?
You can ride with Sean - but you may not be able to keep up with him for long! Sean and his riders have been in training, are physically fit and will typically ride seventy miles a day. You are welcome to join them for as long as you are able to keep up.

How far will Sean ride in a day?
Sean and his riders have been in training, are in good shape and will typically ride seventy miles a day. Elevation gains range from of 0 to nearly 10,000 feet. Please check the ride schedule for the specific route through your city.

Can I ride with Sean for more than one day?
Of course! However riders will have to arrange for their own food and accommodations.

Will there be SAG support for riders?
No, riders should be prepared to have their own support.

Will riders have food/lodging support?
No, riders should be prepared to have their own support.

Do Riders have to fundraise to participate?
No, but it is very much appreciated! Riders can fundraise, ride along, spread the word, or share their own stories of stroke or heart health to be a part of the movement. To encourage fundraising, 'champions' that raise $1,000 will receive their choice of a Heart Across America wind vest or jersey. At the $2,000 level you will receive a second jersey or wind vest. Click here to start your own fundraising page

Are there set bathroom stops?
No, riders should be prepared to have their own support.

What happens if I get lost?
We recommend riders pre-map the route and bring their GPS enabled device - we are not able to provide navigation support. 

Does Heart Across America have any cycling apparel ?
Yes!  You can wear your support for this great cause. All proceeds go to the American Heart Association. We have a limited supply of jerseys and wind vests that  will be available  at our kick off event and along the ride. An online store should also open by March 1, 2015. Click here to access our Heart Across America Store.